It is not surprising that back pain has effects on people´s sex life, it may be that it affects either performance or definitely stops sex altogether if it is a serious injury.

There are no reliable statistics about the number of people who put aside sex for a sore back, mainly because most people do not like to talk about sex with their doctors. But it is logical to think that a back pain can make sex a nuisance as well.

Having pain can complicate provoking pleasurable sensations, which in turn make it difficult to get turned on and have an orgasm. Depending on the dose and the type of pain, the medicine can also interfere with arousal and orgasm in both men and women.

Fortunately, there is a guide to deal with the situation. Here are several ways to enjoy sex without back pain.

-Talk about it: Back pain can be deceptive because it does not show symptoms at a glance and makes people look good, even if they feel terrible. What greater reason to have your partner informed.

According to experts, this will help to not just abandon sex, but to team up and find ways to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

-Work on the solution. Specialists in orthopedic injuries and neuromusculoskeletal impairments can guide their clients through exercises designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles. Yoga and pilates can also help. An experienced instructor, personal trainer or physical therapist can apply specific exercises and stretches that directly affect the problem area on your back.

-Make adjustments: It makes sense that, according to the location of the pain, some sexual positions will be more or less comfortable than others. People with lower back problems like sciatica or a herniated disc feel more pain when they lean forward, while those with stenosis have more pain when bending backwards.

-Let your body guide you: If your back hurts when you are lying down, you should be up during sex, or vice versa. Side positions can take pressure off your back.

-Experiment using a pillow under your lower back, stomach, knees or neck to see if an extra support helps, or try to angle with a pillow to make certain positions more comfortable.

-Explore other options: Playing is important for you and your partner. A shower or massage can help relax the muscles before sex.


Most of the discomforts that cause back pain are resolved with time and care. So, choose to make some changes in the bedroom or decide that rest is your priority, there is no need to disappear all sexual activity. Take that annoyance as an opportunity to connect and communicate with your partner.

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